How to get beer in banyuwangi?.

a simple question for many tourists but not many people know the answer. the tourist who comes to the new city especially comes to BANYUWANGI the city were mostly Muslims live, they are wondering, “can I drink beer here? how I can get it?”

just like default question are always thought, how to get beer here ?

jawatan banyuwangi
Jawatan Banyuwangi

the answer is,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,

yes,.,.,. you able to drink beer here as much as you want

the real question is, where you can get a beer?

how to get beer in banyuwangi

here is the link you can CLICK than following that map,  and you will find it,

this store will be open at 09;00 till 21; 00,

if it right there was already closed you can buy at this STORE it opens 19;00 till 00;00

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