Ijen Blue flame tour Open trip from banyuwangi

Mount Ijen Blue flame tour Open trip (group tour) from banyuwangi.

The package is perfect for those of you who travel alone or with friends because with this Mount Ijen Blue flame tour open trip package,  we combine you with a group, or if you a couples who want to enjoy the beauty of ijen blue fire phenomenon at low prices without reducing the quality of your own vacation.

cropped-ijen-blue-flame-1.jpgIjen is probably one of the favorite tourist destinations for first-time visitors in Indonesia. The landscape is out of this world. One of the highlights of visiting Ijen is the blue fire, which you can only see at night. The flames appear at the base of Ijen crater and are caused by sulphuric gas catching fire.

mount ijen blue flame tour open trip ( group tour) price check here ?

One of the other things that bring people to Ijen crater is the landscape. The volcano is an active sulfur mine. The liquid sulfur comes out of the vents with the gas and spreads out over the floor of the crater turning everything around it yellow (and the crater lake a beautiful and unnatural turquoise). The effect is out of this world and makes for amazing photographs.

ijen blue fire tourThe ijen miners that collect the sulfur have become another part of the tourist attraction. These miners lead a difficult life. They carry 70-90 kg or more of sulfur on their backs all the way from inside the volcano crater to the base. It’s an easy two-hour walk. The miners get paid just Rp 1,000 a kilo.

with this Ijen blue fire tour sharing package you will enjoy :

  • Ijen blue fire at mount ijen
  • Sunrise spot
  • Jagir Waterfall
  • meet with ijen sulfur miner


We will pick you up from hotel where you stay in banyuwangi at 12;30 midnight TOGETHER with the Another people who join the tour,

Drive to ijen for 1,30 minutes until parking area our guide wait you there then to lead the group untill the top and the crater to see BLUEFLAME,,and up back again to the top for SUNRISE POINT

Back to parking to drive you back in hotel sometime we stop at waterfall (optional) depen on how rush is the group because this is share tour (opentrip) so we need to consider the other interest,maybe someone in te group need to catch the train schedule


We will drop you back to hotel or place where we pick you up before

Ijen Blue flame tour Open trip (group tour) from banyuwangi price included:

  • – Vehicle to Ijen Crater
  • – Local Guide
  • – Entrance fee /Ticket to Ijen Crater
  • – Petrol, fee parking,
  • – gas mask
  • – torch


-any others is not mention as include