B29 lumajang

Indonesia’s natural beauty never ceases to show its beauty charm. Rows of mountains and beaches in Indonesia always attract tourists to come to visit and enjoy the grace of God that is really incomparable. It feels like we have to be grateful for all of God’s creatures whose enchantment of this beauty can be seen clearly by these eyes.

One of the natural tourist attraction in Indonesia is really impressive Peak B29 Lumajang known as “The Land Above the Cloud“. From the top of this hill we can see the expanse of the ocean of white clouds and we can enjoy the sensation like being above the clouds. Of course it is very fun if you are in this place. If you have time to stay, tourists will also be treated to sunset and sunrise views that are not less beautiful when compared with the mountain sunrise bromo.

Peak B29 Lumajang is a new natural tourist destination in East Java. You who like to visit the natural tourist sites should stop at the top of this b29. Stunning natural scenery and winding journey tracks will trigger adrenaline as well as admiration for the creation of power.

Actually the location of the top of B29 Lumajang is adjacent to Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru. The location is located in Argosari Village, Senduro Sub-District, Lumajang District, East Java and most of the residents of Argosari Village are the original Tengger Tribe. The height of the peak B29 is higher than the mountain bromo, which is 2900 mdpl and bromo mountain only 2393 mdpl. Both the B2 summit, bromo mountain and semeru mountain, all enter within the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS).

There are two versions of this B29 naming.

The first version is the letter B means Hill and number 29 is the sequence number of the number of hills there.

The second version is the inhabitants around calling it the “peak songolikur” (two nine, Java) because the altitude is 2900 masl. Regardless of the origin of the naming, which is certainly a beautiful peak nan graceful it is very dear to miss if you are on a tour to the province of East Java.

Enchantment Beauty At Height 2900 masl
Your destination to east java is now growing, Puncak B29 Lumajang. This tourist location is a mountain slope with an altitude of 2900 meters above sea level. The b29 peak is also known as the argosary summit. This peak is the highest peak in the area of ​​Mount Bromo. The beautiful scenery plus the cool air as well as the typical mountain vegetation and savanna vegetation to be an interesting sight at this one tourist site. The route to this tourist location will challenge you. With winding and winding paths along the way will trigger adrenaline.

The beauty of b29 lumajang peak is from the view that can be seen while at the top. You will see two stunning scenery at this location. In the location of the peak region of b29 is divided into two areas, namely the area of ​​argosari plantations that form the mountain ranges mahameru and peak and kalderanya very famous bromo sand. Not only that sunrise and sunset also become treats of nature scenery is very beautiful to watch in this location. Once a broom of views, you will see the beauty of Tosari Pasuruan, Sukapura Probolinggo from the top of the hill.

Tourism activities at the peak b29 lumajang not only enjoy the natural beauty of the peak. You can also do other tourism activities such as camping or climbing up to ranupane to the summit semeru. Not only that near this top tourist sites there are also natural attractions such as waterfalls and camping at tourist sites. Prove yourself how the beauty of the peak and the landscape there will captivate you.

Peak B29 is also suitable for camping. You can set up a tent and enjoy a cool sensation in the hug of fog on this hill. There are several stalls owned by local residents around the peak, but for the toilet is still not there because it is still under construction.

The view at Puncak B29 is really very beautiful. From above we can see the dancing clouds that are right under the eyes. Cluster of hills lined neatly like mount semeru, mountain bromo, mountain batok, whispering sand, savanna and cemoro mace as if confirmed that we are indeed in the Land Above the Cloud.

Ticket prices Peak B29 Argosari Lumajang
Before reaching the top of B29, tourists will first pass the permit post and are required to pay a levy of 3000 rupiah. The distance from the levy post to the summit is approximately 2 km.

Access to the Top of B29 Lumajang
To visit the tourist attraction B29 required to bring a private vehicle because there is no public transportation to the location. It is recommended to use two-wheeled vehicles and not the type of automatic because the path will be very uphill. There are 2 cities that can be accessed to Puncak B29.

1. From Lumajang City
If you depart from Lumajang to get to the top location of b29 more or less the distance that must be traveled about 60 km. Please direct your vehicle to District of Senduro then navigate to Argosari Village area. Along the route to the top of b29 you will be treated to a typical village scene. Vegetable plantations owned by residents such as potatoes, carrots and cabbage, chilies and others. In addition you meet the contours of land that goes tilted following the form of hills. Landscape like this is an attraction for visitors to the top b29 lumajang.

2. From Malang City
The route to the top of b29 lumajang if you depart from the city can use the following routes. Please go to District Tumpang then Gubug klAkah Poncokusumo then to the Village Ngadas when it has found a straight jemplang junction take. Then there is a fork before Ranupani Village towards the left entrance to Argosari Village. All the way you will go uphill and steep and the side is the abyss. You can just use the motor to reach the top of b29 but greatly test your adrenaline. But you can also walk to the peak, if you do not want to walk can also ride motorcycles at a rate of about Rp. 50,000 to Rp. 75,000

Along the route to the peak of B29 Lumajang we will be treated to the scenery with a typical rural feel because we will pass the vegetable plantations owned by local residents such as cabbage, potatoes, carrots, leek, chili, etc. Plantation vegetables are lined up to follow the contour of the land in the hills will be a special attraction for visitors Puncak B29 Argosari Lumajang.there also tour from banyuwangi to this place

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