B29 tour package from banyuwangi

B29 Tour Package from Banyuwangi.

The beauty of B29 cannot be doubted,  so that when many tourists both (local and non-local.) will feel amaze,

Tourists who visit it can add to and improve the economy of the surrounding population with the establishment of a homestay or house for rent to stay, small stalls and local snacks of the Argosari villagers.

This is almost similar to what happened at the location of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS).

B29 tour package from banyuwangi

Apart from this, the lovers of camping and climbing tours will be given a special sensation when they are standing on the hill B29. Where you will be treated to views of dancing to all tourist areas of TNBTS, Mount Semeru, and surrounding areas. On the north side of the B29 hill, there is also the peak of B30 which is no less interesting than the B29 Lumajang. The B29 location is located in Senduro Subdistrict, precisely in Argosari village, Lumajang Regency. From downtown Lumajang it takes about 1-1.5 hours to reach the top of this hill. With winding and slightly extreme asphalt roads.

B29 Tour from Banyuwangi

Public vehicles are not available to get to the location of the B29 hill so you have to use B29 Tour Package from Banyuwangi by private vehicle and it must be ensured that the condition of the vehicle must be fit and prime. Wherever you come from, the B29 lumajang map or route to get to B29 is very easy. First, you have to know the location of Lumajang District, East Java. From the city of Surabaya, Malang, Batu, Banyuwangi or Jember there are many public transportations that cross the city of Lumajang, both trains, and buses. When you enter Lumajang you follow the route to Senduro District.

From Senduro it is about 17 Km to get to Argosari village and when it has entered the village nearest B29 Agosari there are many signboards and directions leading to the top of the B29 hill. The scenery during this route is very beautiful, terracing the surrounding agricultural land is amazing, plus a friendly welcome from the surrounding residents who are not reluctant to give a smile to tourists who will go to the best hills in this tourist area of ​​Bromo

“Negri di atas awan”

The nickname for “Peak of B29″ is ” country Above the Clouds” is not a mere figment. When the evening nears the top of the hill is often covered by a very thick white mist so that the scenery sometimes only a few meters in front of the eye. But in the morning before sunrise, you will be treated to the amazing and special B29 sunrise. Last night’s white mist enveloped the hill, down to the caldera in the tourist area of ​​Bromo, this is where the charm of the B29 Lumajang, you will feel for yourself the sensation of the view from the summit, where white clouds spread beneath our feet. What is seen from here is Peak Penanjakan, Mount Bromo Tourism, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru.

What to expect from this B29 tour from Banyuwangi

  • pick up from banyuwangi area
  • b29 peak senduro
  • Tumpak sewu waterfall
  • drop in banyuwangi or malang

B29 tour package from banyuwangi ittinerary


Meeting point of this package in Banyuwangi, or surrounding areas. Start the journey starts from 09.00 or 10.00 depending on the location and directly to District Senduro, Lumajang District.arrive arround evening take a look arround plantation and arest at accomodation


in early morning we start to trekking to see sunrise at B29 we call it “the country above the cloud” this is the others side of bromo

Travel to Peak B29 (Ojek)

Enjoying Sunrise, and plantation Relaxing

Back to Argosari Village

arround 12 midday we start to drive back to banyuwangi


  • Private Transport
  • Transport Ojek (Argosari Village to Puncak B29)
  • Tour guide
  • Ticket entrance
  • Mineral water
  • driver
  • fuel
  • accomodation 1 night


  • dinner
  • lunch
  • any others personal expenses