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How to get ijen from bali ?

How to get Ijen Crater from Bali?

before we talk about the ijen,

first we determine where we are, for example, we are in Ubud in the middle of Bali, the first thing you should do is looking for taxi or online transport, that many we meet around Ubud or order through online application to Ubung, remember Ubung is not Ubud, sounds the same name but forget the first discussion, Ubung is the name of the terminal in the city of Denpasar,, by the bus ride to the Gilimanuk cost approximately IDR 65k for local bus with the consequence of this bus will stop every few minutes to take and drop the passengers, if you have no problem with the time, go ahead with this bus,

but if you are in a hurry, just take the second option of bus,

Patas with cost approximately idr100k-125k straight to Banyuwangi without stop at the harbor,, so you do not have to buy a ticket for a ferry when you take this bus, because this bus is usually continued to surabaya.,., but remember your destination is ijen crater, so you have to stop at the port ketapang harbor in java side, after arriving at ketapang immediately look for taxi meter or taxi online to the accommodation you have been prepared before to stay overnight in Banyuwangi city,How to get ijen from bali

we suggest use taxi meter, because if you take public transportation and not good bargain, the driver of transportation around ketapang will increase the price from ketapang port to Banyuwangi city, its usual only idr50k /car become idr50k /person,. for example if you are foreign tourists they will charge idr50k fee per person times five people, means 50k times 5 = 250k Imagine how much it is for a journey that is just 30 minutes so I recommend taxi meter, it’s better for you just IDR 50k till your hotel in the city

How to get ijen from Bali?

after arriving in Banyuwangi continue to ijen crater at night about 12 o’clock at night you can use the tour package or use a motorcycle that you can rent in Banyuwangi and drive to Paltuding  more or less spend 1.5 hours, by ticket for ijen idr100k in weekday and idr150k for weekend, after that you know what to do next right ? hehe hehe

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